15th MArch 2004

Retro Review Issue 5 Published

26th April 2003

Retro Review Gazette 3 Published

28th January 2003

Retro Review Gazette Begins distribution.
RRGazette is a FREE newsletter brought to you by Retro Review Editors Jorge Canelhas and Ian Gledhill.

21th January 2003

F.A.Q. Updated.

21th January 2003

Retro Review is available as a pdf file for subscribers in addition to the usual Paper Format.

18th January 2003

Issue 4 is Ready and we are now shipping it to every subscriber, thanks for your patience.

15th November 2002

Retro Review #4 is almost ready and will ship soon, weve been too busy so we had to postpone the edition of #4 of your favorite magazine.

24th September 2002

Now its even easier to Subscribe, International and EEC Users may use the new Buy it Button and get the PayPal form right away.
See our Subs Section clicking on the button on the Left side area.

21th August 2002

Sprinter Review Article was added to the samples section in the archive, go grab it !!!.

13th August 2002

Finally Issue 3 ready and shipping! Apolegies for the delay.

12th August 2002

Shawn Bebbington of the Retro Mart column in Micro Mart has asked us to support him in the Micro Mart exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, on the 21st/22nd September! If you`re around come take a look!

20th March 2002

Issue 2 ready and shipping.

4th March 2002

Archive Area Created, all downloadable files will be there from now on.

4th February 2002

2nd batch of RetroReview issue 1 is ready, we took the chance to iron out some printing problems too.

Another batch is ready for shipping.

4th February 2002

RetroReview issue 1 sold out!

We`re printing out a new batch right now, so issue 1 will be available again very soon. In the meantime, we`d like to thank the people who've said how they`ve enjoyed the first issue. Thanks guys - it means a lot to us!

15th January 2002

RetroReview shipped on schedule, go figure ;)

7th January 2002

RetroReview will be distributed on the 15th January !!!

Finally Issue 1 is ready for shipment, a litle behond schedule, but hey we are Programmers, ever heard of a programmer that would honor schedules ?

7th January 2002

H&P offers Discounts to Retro Review Subscribers

Haage & Partner offers discounts on some products to Retro Review Subscribers, yet another reason for you to subscribe !!!.

11th October 2001

This webpage is first available to the masses!