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The only real Amiga distributor in Portugal, although based in Portugal they do sell worldwide.

Since September 2002, Kaysa Retro Computers have been buying and selling stock - Seen things for a ridiculous price on eBay? Kaysa may have what you`re looking for!

The first port-of-call for any Amiga user.

Amiga Zone Logo

Great amiga online club, the oldest one providing great resources for amiga users worldwide.

If it's Spectrum related, it's here.

A massive collection of almost every computer released - an essential reference when a weird computer comes up on eBay and you don`t know anything about it! Stefan has also kindly allowed us to use his excellent photographs of some of the more exotic computers.

Plenty of hard- and software here for all sorts of old machines - another great place to complement your eBay spending!

Regularly updated emulation news site, with tons of links and hosted sites, plus message boards. Need some help finding a ROM, check these guys out...

Loads of links, emulators and everything related to them. A very useful resource if you`re looking for a certain ROM!

The MSX Resource Centre - all the MSX news you could require! Frequently updated with useful info, well worth a look for MSX users.

The ZX-Team homepage - the last surviving active ZX81 user group!

The definitive webpage for all things Atari, complete with rarity lists and even manuals online, for Atari consoles from the 2600 to the Jaguar.

Games, games and more games is the order of the day here - any C64 software you need, nip over there and they may well have it for download. Also a top 10 downloads section, and a regular "Game of the Week".

The C64 scene in general is covered here - the games are left to (part of the same network), leaving the SID and community side to Essential for today's serious C64'er!

Some of us collect just old computers - but others just collect old magazines! David Tolley has a pretty nice collection of his own (does the phrase "Issue 18" mean anything to you??). An interesting and unusual site to check out!

Tiziano has a useful site - like so many of us his retro-machine collection has grown quite well, such that he has trouble keeping track! Luckily for us, he's letting other people put their machines on-line too!

James Haslam`s Atari Pages

Atari stuff abounds here (particularly for Falcon users) - James' site also has a number of downloads, including internet apps like AtarICQ, and demos. Check it out if you have an ST powerful enough!

Lots to do with computers and their emulators here. Also check out his classifieds, and if there's a ROM you need he might just have it...

Michele Perini maintains both a museum and a site dedicated to the retro-community. Why not check his sites out?

Makers of the Sprinter Computer, based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Be sure to check this one out!

CPC Oxygen

If you're into the Amstrad/Schneiders then take a gander at John Kavanagh's monthly online CPC magazine!

The DRAGON Archive

All sorts of Dragon info and goods here - hardware, software - the works. Check it out - it may just have what the Dragon collector in you needs....