Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this magazine paper only or can it be electronically distributed?

Currently Retro Review is a paper magazine and a pdf magazine for subscribers only. We want people to feel they're getting their money's worth and somehow a downloaded .pdf document doesn`t give that impression! Also, some of our users may have difficulty reading electronic documents (remember people are online using some 1980's machines - no Acrobat readers there!).

Why are you still using those old antiques when new machines are so much better and faster?

The simple answer is we use both. Sometimes it's good to play a modern game - some types of games just couldn`t be done on old 8-bits. On the other hand, ask 3 mates over, fire up the Atari 2600 and grab your paddle for a game of Warlords and then you`ll see the answer: it's fun. We believe there's room in the world for everything that has a use - just because a machine is old doesn`t make it redundant.

Why did you create this magazine?

We are users of old machines - we enjoy using them, and we want other people to enjoy using them. We enjoy writing about them, and we want you to enjoy reading about them again.

OK, so you're writing about old computers - doesn`t that mean that there's only old news?

Far from it! Because modern computers are so powerful, we can emulate the older ones, and although this magazine is aimed more at the users of real machines, the emulators allow people without the necessary hardware to enjoy using them. As such, there's still a lot happening with older computers - even 20 year old black and white Sinclairs still have an active user group!

What do you call a "retro-computer"?

The scope of the magazine is any home computer from the 1970's to about 1995. We do cover new developments on old computers though. Generally, anything deemed obsolete! As such, a Playstation wouldn`t be covered, but a Sega Saturn might on occasion (although a Sega Master System would be more likely to be covered!). We also cover old machines like the Commodore PET series and Tandy TRS-80 even though they were too expensive for most home users.

OK, this sounds cool. I`ll give it a go. How do I get a copy?

Easy! Check out the Subscriptions button on the left. Then just send us a cheque or better still use PayPal for the correct amount, making sure you specify your e-mail address. We'll send you the current issue directly unless you ask us to send you the next issue!

Can I write articles for the magazine ?

Yes, you can, and you`re welcome to! Just mail it to us, and we will gladly publish it if it fits the mag`s style.

Will I get paid for an article ?

Short answer, unfortunately, is no. We ourselves are not making any money out of the mag! In reality we are actually losing money, as the price of making the mag and other costs (webspace, etc.) are greater than the income- We do the mag for the fun of making the mag! Eventually we hope to be able to pay for contributions, but for now it's not possible. If an article does get used, however, we will send you a free copy.

I would like to see the xxxxx computer featured in the mag!

Please tell us! We're always wanting to hear people's ideas. If it`s a really odd computer, why not write a few pages yourself and tell people about it?

Whats the exact date of publishing ?

This magazine is made as a hobby to us so we don't make commitments on release dates that we most likely wont keep. The magazine is published about every 2 months give or take a week. We prefer to keep things with quality than to print some rushed articles.

Don't you have fixed sections for machines?

Due to the vast amount of Retro Machines out there we would have to print a phone directory worth of stuff to do that! We do however consider the possibility for the most popular machines.

Will the magazine be printed in Portuguese/Spanish/_cut and paste whatever language you want_ ?

That's a tough question! The market is quite widespread and the most spoken language is English. If you want to translate the articles to another language we would be glad to talk to you about it, but be warned it`s not an easy job.

What do you use to make the mag ?

All of Retro Review is writen on Amiga 4000s, the software we use is Page Stream, then we pdf it and print it on a PC (we dont have any good printer for the amiga), then the mag is photocopied, stapled and trimmed by us, all in the most artesanal fashion.

I have a retro shop- can I advertise in your magazine?

Sure thing! Just get in touch with us.

Can I sell the magazine in my shop?

Absolutely you can! We even make bulk discounts- just contact us.

Can I subscribe the PDF version Only ?

NO, our magazine is a Paper magazine, PDF is an additional service for subscribers only.